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Technical Support
First, provide the technical information required by the customer.
1. Factory inspection report.
2. Product ex-factory certificate.
3. Provide the construction unit with other detailed technical information needed to meet the requirements of the bidding and construction unit.

Second, technical services
1. Provide technical consultation and related training on selection, performance and related matters.
2. If necessary, you can go to the site for technical installation instructions.
3. If you encounter cable technical problems during construction, please feel free to ask questions.
Service Guarantee

Anxun strictly carries out production according to the technical requirements and quality standards of national standards or enterprise product standards. The products provided are guaranteed to be qualified products and provide a certificate of conformity. If there is a quality problem, the company is responsible for the return of the package.

After Sales Service

After-sales training
Provide follow-up training to customers based on customer needs.

Service tracking
Regularly return visits to customers in a variety of ways, collect customer suggestions and opinions, understand customer needs, identify potential problems and resolve them in a timely manner to prevent problems before they occur. In order to ensure that customers can get the best service every time, Anxun Industry tracks the results of each customer complaint, monitors the after-sales service personnel to solve the problem timeliness and effectiveness, and investigates customer satisfaction.

Complaint handling
The customer service center receives the customer's complaint, and after the judgment of the type of the complaint, the problem is forwarded to the relevant department for resolution. The Customer Service Center follows up the results of the complaints and reports the results to the customer until the customer is satisfied.
At the end of each month, the Customer Service Center will summarize and classify customer complaints this month and provide feedback to relevant departments for improvement. According to the type of complaint problem, the customer service staff will process the result to the customer within one working day.